Working On:

  • More functional movements to heal old injuries and increase strength (BaseBlocks are helping)

  • Mental fitness and quiet time (Muse ftw )

  • Digital decluttering and systems for learning


Rumsfeld’s Rules - Donald Rumsfeld

*My goal is 75 books this year, and I’m tracking through GoodReads.

Thinking About:

  • How deep work and solitude can coexist, and how to avoid the creep of isolation for the cost of performance

  • Resentment and how it corresponds to lifestyle creep if you aren’t clear about what you want

  • Why career advice we get and give is often wrong and dangerous (read: fallacy of feedback) and how to give better answers to a higher volume of questions

  • Accountability in friendships (and how to repair boundaries that never existed in the first place)

  • Why I have a complicated relationship with the outdoors (and how to have a healthier and happier time in nature)


Digital Tools I’m Enjoying:

Highly (makes reading more enjoyable and annotating)


Last updated on August 1, 2019. Inspired by Derek Sivers.