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I don't have many answers. I've just learned to ask better questions. 


Hi. My name is Jonathan, and I use my voice and keyboard to agitate for things I think matter. I have a newsletter you should sign up for. 

My first job was at LinkedIn, where I had a bunch of different jobs (peak millennial) across HR, Ad Operations, and Editorial. 

I'm a  Co-Founder of Blavity, where I ran Corporate Brand and did a bunch of cool things around branding, strategic comms, community relations, and a bunch of other things   I'm still remembering that I forgot about. 

I do limited consulting and strategy for brands and people with a voice and a heart. 

I'm currently   2019 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University studying the emergence of black media domestically and abroad, along with the emergence of individuals as 'media companies', and how that is transforming the marketing and advertising industries. 



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[email protected] My IG caption game is strong.