We Used to Pray for Times Like This


Hey again. It’s the person you told yourself you want to be, but are scared to admit it out loud. Let’s get into it.

Stop apologizing for your past mistakes. No one lives there anymore, so stop calling the number. You aren’t what you’ve done, even if people are comfortable evaluating you that way. You know how much you had to grow. Exist in that.

All the people you have had to forgive to get here. You remember? It took you the longest to forgive yourself. You made a choice, that you wouldn’t let anything get in the way of what you told yourself you could accomplish. Now you are at a precise; you are looking at things differently, because you know what you have the chance to do. It’s scary, because it’s new. I get that. You are sometimes surprised, because you didn’t think you would get here like this, or have a chance to do some of the things you’ve done. Here’s the best part: you’re just getting started. But let’s skip to the real:

The people that only want to see you win, but only in the context that makes them feel comfortable, aren't worth your time.Forget clapping, they won’t even be in the auditorium, much less stand up for you.

Your thoughts limit what we can be. You tell us the limits and then act based on the assumptions.  I’ve seen you throw away drafts that could have been masterpieces because you invented a reason so outlandish that. Think about what that energy could have been better served doing. Your thoughts about what we can’t be, become the truth about where we actually are. Let’s make sure the dreams you have for other people aren’t bigger than the ones you have for yourself. You know why you’re qualified for the things that keep you up at night? Because you lived through things people watch on tv and wonder how terrible that would be if it actually happened in real life. You’re still here though, which is not by accident.

Just because they love you for your ambition, does not mean they actually love you. You have the type of heart that allows you to love people who aren’t prepared to love themselves, much less acknowledge your existence. That’s their problem, not yours.


Take care of your body and your mind. You know what that looks like for you. Feed your spirit. Tend to your mind. Read books and stop pretending like feeling busy is the same as growth. It isn’t. . You know what recharges you. Own that. Protect your peace. Stop expecting people who don’t even like themselves, to dream with you. Ask for help when you need it. That’s what villages are for.

You want to be prolific? Start with being persistent.

There are long nights and early mornings ahead. Many, many, hurdles. Seemingly insurmountable situations. The lessons will be learned through fire. You know the cycle: we are either in a storm, exiting one, or about to enter. But that is what happens to people are interested in doing things larger than themselves. There are also smiles, bright mornings, and beautiful sunsets coming. You’re never alone, even when it feels that way. Keep your heart. It’s what makes you, you. You don’t control the process. You do control your attitude and your effort though. You’re never going to have a conventional job. Stop trying to have a conventional life.

Be patient with us Jonathan. We are growing. When we fall, we will crawl to where we have to be. The only commitment I’ve ever wanted from us, is that we endeavor to never stay down. Remember who you are, and who gives you that definition. There is nothing that someone can take from you that can deny you your identity.



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  • MissSuccess

    ❤️ This reminded me of one of my fave quotes “don’t believe everything you think.”